What to Pack

Before setting off for a gorilla safari, particularly in Uganda and Rwanda, you should prepare and set in advance and double check with your list to ensure you have everything.

  • Check that a copy of the Bradt Guide book for Uganda- great reading on the plane and great readings as you rest at your lodge or tented camp.
  • An Anti- Malaria regiment along with any other  medicine will be required
  • Carry along with you sun lotion
  • You should Bug Repellent for skin and clothing. Buy an insect repellent that also protects
  • First- Aid kit – simple First kit that is light but has some anti- bacterial cream, band aids and other items including some eye drops our just  might need flushing out, anti- diarrhea medicine, rehydration sachets, aspirin and cold.
  • You need a couple of packets of antiseptic wipes
  • Carry  along with  you sunglasses
  • You have the carry along Binoculars along with you
  • A camera and battery. Remember that a UK plug is commonly used in Uganda. You ought to bring a quality camera since there will be so many opportunities for picture taking.
  • Flash light and pictures will be filmed particularly for the gorillas
  • Hand sanitizer is also required


The following aspects should also be considered!

At least 2-3 pairs of lightweight slacks/trousers that can dry quickly

  • One (1) pair of shorts is required
  • 1 to 2 long sleeved shirts are required
  • 3 short – sleeved t-shirts are required
  • A breathable waterproof and windproof jacket/coat like a Gortex is required
  • One sweater, sweatshirt of fleece is required
  • For women, one skirt is required
  • Very strong waterproof walking boots-pants should be trucked into socks and boots while trekking
  • You need to carry heavy soled rain boots
  • You need a pair of sports
  • Telescopic Trekking staff
  • Hat: wide-brim or with a visitor for sun protection
  • You need a sleep wear
  • You need underwear and moisture wicking for gorilla tracking
  • Lightweight wool socks is required
  • You need wash cloth
  • You need an alarm clock
  • Health and Beauty Items

You are required to bring Anti- bacterial wipes, body lotion, Com and brush, contact lens solution,  deodorant, face  cleanser, Floss, insect repellent, Lip balm, malaria tablets, personal- hygiene items, prescriptions, Razors, Shampoo and conditioner, shavingel, soap, sunscreen, Toothbrush, Toothpaste. The first aid kit should include; gas relief tablets, antacid, anti diarrheal medicine, anthistamine for allergies, bandages, candied ginger for motion sickness and aspirin pain reliever


You need to get addresses of friends and family mostly for postcards, ATM/ credit cards and your bank should  know that you will be travelling abroad before you leave. A bird and animal guide book is required. Contact information, driver’s license, health-insurance card. Please check to see if your health- care provider has an overseas partner healthy snack. Dried   fruit, chewy granola bars,  mini bagels, nuts, and pretzels), Local guidebooks, Maps, Money belt, Money conversion chart, Passport, Photocopies of passport, Photograph of luggage contents in case of loss, Printouts of reservations, Translation dictionary, Travel journal, Travel pillow and blanket, Vaccination certificate, Ziploc bags for stowing small liquid containers at airports

Type of clothing
Clothing needed include neutral colors to avoid bright colors and whites, which can distract animals and Equipment. Batteries are needed for small electronics and cameras, video camera and laptops, Headphones for watching in –flight movies, iPod, Reusable water bottle, small compass and video camera.